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These Design Tips Will Help You Customize Premium Packaging Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-07

While we all think of ourselves as rational consumers, when shopping we tend to make impulsive buying decisions based on the visual appeal of the product box. At the same time, many consumers tend to associate luxury packaging design with high-end quality products. This makes the box a focal point of the decision-making process, and among similar products, they choose the one that looks more refined. The product box is the first element they see and associate with your product. Learned from this. High-end packaging boxes will help increase product value and attract customers' attention, we can also add some eye-catching packaging technology to the box.

Hot stamping is to use the principle of heat transfer to transfer metal foil to the surface of the substrate with a heated mold to form a unique metal effect. The hot stamping process can be used for large areas, and can also be used to emphasize certain important information in the box.

Although the hot stamping process is very popular in the packaging industry, the color of the hot stamping process is not only gold. According to the different packaging box designs, there are many beautiful colors to choose from, such as common colors such as silver, Red, black, if you want something special, you can also choose hot laser gold.

Hot stamping can enhance the visual effect of the box, and if you want to customize a more low-key box, it can also be achieved through the touch of the box. Improving the tactile effect of the packaging box can be achieved through two aspects: 1. Material selection, 2. Adding packaging technology.

Among the many tactile materials, tactile paper must occupy a place. As the name suggests, tactile paper is a kind of paper with suede touch, which is smooth and delicate, and has obvious thick feeling. Of course, if the budget is limited, you can also add a tactile film to the box to achieve this effect. Secondly, using embossing process, embossing process, and debossing process can improve the three-dimensional effect of the packaging box, thereby improving the overall tactile effect of the packaging box.

In order to attract the attention of potential customers, brands not only need to improve the visual effect of the packaging box, but also pay attention to its tactile effect, no matter which effect above can effectively improve the perceived value of the product, which is very important in today's highly competitive market. important. Of course, the visual effect and tactile effect of the gift packaging box do not conflict, and can be applied to the same packaging box.

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