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There are skills in the customization of kraft paper bags, and there are several that need special attention!

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-08

For newbies who have just come into contact with the need for packaging, it must be quite confusing to have never customized a large batch of kraft paper bags. How to choose the packaging suitable for their own products or to pay attention to those problems in the process of customization are more I feel that I have more than enough power, I want to ask my friends, but my friends also feel ignorant and dazed. At this time, I especially hope to have an experienced person to consult and consult! You don't have to worry about this issue anymore! It is your most loyal friend, who has summarized the problems that you need to pay attention to in the process of customizing the kraft paper bag, please pack it and take it away!

1. In the customization of kraft paper bags, first of all, the materials we choose should be well protected products, so it should have certain strength, toughness, elasticity, etc., to ensure that it can adapt to pressure, impact force, dynamic factors Wait. 2. According to different product packaging, it must have a certain barrier property, and the packaging material must have a certain barrier effect on moisture, water vapor, gas, etc. 3. It must also have good economic performance and safety performance. The packaging materials are widely used, the materials are easy to obtain, and the cost is relatively low. After enough use, the processing method of the packaging materials should be considered to reduce the harm to the environment. , In addition, the toxicity of packaging materials should be small, so as not to contaminate products and health, so the choice of packaging materials should be non-corrosive and have insect-proof functions to ensure product safety. Fourth, considering its cost and its safety performance, the choice of packaging materials can reduce a lot of expenses and get the safest protection at a lower cost.

The above are the tips before kraft paper bag customization provided by kraft paper bag manufacturers, I hope to help you!

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