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The use of gift box color, gift box, carton corrugated box, pecan gift box custom

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-06

The color of gift box packaging will stimulate people's physiology and psychology. The ancients said, 'Looking on plums to quench thirstIn food packaging, the use of bright colors, bright colors such as pink, orange yellow, orange red and other colors can emphasize the fragrance, sweetness, smell, taste and taste of food. Chocolate, oatmeal and other foods use warm colors such as gold, red and brown to give people a fresh, delicious and nutritious feeling. The tea packaging is green, giving people a fresh and healthy feeling. It gives people a delicious and mellow feeling physiologically, and a feeling that it has a long history psychologically. It is the color of the packaging of these commodities that conforms to the physical and psychological characteristics of consumers, which enables consumers to quickly make a decision to purchase this commodity for the first time among similar commodities. This facilitates the sale of corporate merchandise.

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