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The use of art paper by kraft paper bag manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-10

In recent years, with the improvement of economy and quality of life, the packaging industry of kraft paper bag manufacturers has developed rapidly in China. With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the demand for paper packaging materials is increasing day by day. Among them, art paper has attracted a large number of people in the printing industry with its unique paper charm. Packaging boxes made of art paper are also used in many industries.

This Shiseido Cosmetics Flip Box The box type is a flip box type, using material 2.5mm gray board, pearl paper lamination, spot color printing, logo bronzing, lining with blister lamination, and a ribbon bow at the flap. It fully reflects the elegance of the gift box!

In addition to packaging boxes, art paper is also widely used in handbags. The processed finished art paper paper carrier bags has rich colors and unique textures, and is very popular with customers and consumers.

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