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The unmissable knowledge of color and color matching of packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-06

Packaging box ink printers should understand the various specifications and properties of the ink before construction; make the prepared ink suitable for production needs. In addition to this, pay attention to the following related matters mentioned by Shandong packaging box manufacturers:

1. When adding ink to the packaging box, try to add as little ink of different colors as possible. The fewer types of color ink, the better the mixing effect.

2. Adopt the principle of: from light to dark; no matter the preparation of light-colored or bright colored ink, when the hue is close to the sample, be careful. The inks produced by different manufacturers should not be mixed and used. Try to use inks of different colors from the same manufacturer for color matching. Otherwise, the phenomenon of uneven color tone will occur, and in severe cases, condensation will occur and the ink will be scrapped.

3. Some packaging box inks are dried by drying. Light colors are lighter than undried ones after drying, and dark colors are darker after drying. In addition, whether the color tone of the ink is different before and after drying during printing is a problem that is easy to ignore. Generally speaking, through natural drying (solvent volatile ink), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass and other packaging boxes, and the color will not change; Color development can only be done with experience. For screen printing inks dried by heat curing and light curing, the color changes in shades, as mentioned above. When the amount of ink adjustment is large, you can use the ink mixing machine, which can complete the color adjustment in a short time.

4. The allocation of light-colored inks is generally dominated by white inks, and appropriate color inks are used. Such as light blue, mainly white ink, slightly added blue (cyan); light red, mainly white ink, slightly increased red; gray, mainly white ink, slightly black; silver gray, mainly white ink, slightly Add silver paste and a small amount of black ink. When preparing light-colored screen printing ink (printing material), it is necessary to add as little white ink as possible, because the white ink is large, and it is easy to cause discoloration of other colors.

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