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The tea kraft paper bag packaging industry is not easy to do

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-27

Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers follow the humanized design concept The humanized design concept refers to reflecting the intangible mental state through tangible materials. In layman's terms, it refers to the designer injecting humanized elements into the product to make it full of humanistic feelings.

The distinctive feature of the packaging design is that the details are handled properly, and the humanized tea packaging design is very popular among consumers. When designing tea packaging, Korean designers adhere to the humanistic design concept, take people as the fundamental starting point, fully consider people's behavioral habits, physiological structure and psychological state, optimize the design of tea packaging, and use the spirit of tea culture to moisten things silently. The method is gradually dyed into the tea packaging design, respecting everyone's different material life and spiritual and cultural needs.

Responding to the call of green environmental protection, Korean designers take ecological environmental protection, low carbon energy saving as a principle requirement for the production and design of kraft paper bags, and apply the green design concept to every aspect of packaging design. From the selection of packaging materials, to the selection of the drawing tools for patterns on the packaging and the selection of writing tools for text, environmental protection is the primary consideration. Most of the packaging design materials in South Korea are environmentally friendly materials that are degradable and easy to repurchase; in addition, when the designer draws and writes the finished tea packaging pattern, not only the performance of the tool, but also the durability after use. Harmful consequences for the ecological environment.

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