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The tea kraft paper bag manufacturer is new!

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-29

I completed a super attractive tea gift box before the arrival of the cold air. You may have drank too much tea. You don't know, it turns out that the tea box can be designed in this way. The design draft of the kraft paper bag is determined, and the prepayment is finally paid to start production.

Why choose a custom tea box, the first reason is that the distance is close and it is convenient to control the quality, and the second reason is that after visiting the factory, I have a basic understanding of the actual ability and trust the professional ability of the manufacturer. Although there are many packaging manufacturers, not the one with the lowest price, but the one with the highest quality, the choice is to be responsible for the quality of the packaging.

The tea box customized for Teacher Bao is very artistic. You can understand the Zen meaning through the paper carrier bags. The paper carrier bags made of white cardboard adopts the matte film process, four-color printing, and white cloth rope. Take a look at this A set of tea gift boxes, gray board plus laminating paper spot color printing, it turns out that such a simple process can make such a unique kraft paper bag, which is really eye-opening.

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