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The source of design inspiration in the customization of cosmetic kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-05

As a manufacturer of cosmetic kraft paper bag customization and design, packaging customization is the foundation and design is more important. So, for a designer, where is the source of packaging design inspiration? Modern packaging design is a design discipline with culture as the ontology, life as the foundation, and modernity as the orientation.

What three aspects should be paid attention to in the design of gift kraft paper bags

1. A level mainly refers to the material carrier that contains the elements of design culture, which has the characteristics of variability, materiality and basicity. Such as packaging design departments and packaging design products, places for exchanging goods and consumer behavior in the use of packaging products, etc.

Second, the second is the middle layer of the design culture, that is, the organizational system layer of packaging design, which is also the materialization of the inner layer of the design culture. It has a strong epoch and continuity: it mainly coordinates the relationship between the elements of the design system, regulates the design behavior, and judges and corrects the organizational system of the design.

3. The third level is the conceptual level of packaging design. It is a cultural psychological state, which can also be called the cultural consciousness layer.

Therefore, design comes from life. Only by designing gift kraft paper bags that meet the preferences of consumers can we produce them for a long time. We only design gift boxes that satisfy customers.

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