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The seven principles followed by the shape design of the packaging box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-03

Principles followed by the shape design of the packaging box

(1) The design combines the characteristics of the product itself, and makes full use of the external elements of the product as the law of formal beauty.

(2) The design adapts to market demand, carries out accurate market positioning, and creates brand personality.

(3) The design should be based on; light, thin, short, small;. Eliminate overpackaging, exaggerated packaging and useless

(4) The design draws inspiration from nature and uses the simulation method to innovate the design of the packaging shape.

(5) The design fully considers the elements of environment and ergonomics. Consider practicality and ease of use

(6) Design Actively use new technology and new materials to design the appearance of modern packaging. Increase the sense of innovation

(7) Vigorously develop the appearance of serialized packaging boxes and systematize the design.

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