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The selection and requirements of paper bag making paper

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-16

 The problem of the correct selection of paper. The production of paper bags should use appropriate kraft paper. The characteristics of natural kraft paper are different from bleached paperboard. The natural brown appearance of the original color kraft paper represents a healthy and retro charm. Kraft paper is a frequently used material, such as envelopes, document bags, file bags, document boxes, handbags, tapes, outer packaging, corrugated cardboard, etc. of various models are made and printed with kraft paper. Paper bag making is the main product of kraft paper application and printing. The surface fiber of kraft paper is rough, porous, and low in smoothness. Twenty or thirty years ago, in the era when my country’s commodity market was not particularly developed, when it comes to handbags, people’s minds may be mostly self-sewn cloth bags and woven bags. Small baskets and other carriers. However, with the continuous enrichment of social goods and the changes in people's buying behavior.

 Professional production of various products such as portable paper bag making, kraft paper bag making, white cardboard paper bag making, copper plate paper bag making, etc.; can flexibly control the links from product design, production to final sales service, and have a good relationship with many manufacturers Cooperation. After years of development and hard work, it enjoys a good reputation in the industry for its sophisticated craftsmanship and a wide range of customers. Combining with the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, we will directly face raw material manufacturers, strive to reduce intermediate links, reduce production costs, and provide customers with better quality products at lower prices.

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