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The secret of how to improve the quality of gift box making

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-18

The reason why gift packaging boxes are used in high-end gifts, health care products and other high-value commodities is that they are beautiful in appearance, ingenious in structure, and have a good display and protection effect on commodities. Thereby increasing the added value of the product. So what special processes are generally used in the process of making gift boxes? 1. The most common and commonly used is the lamination process. The glossy film or dumb film is applied on the printing surface, which can strengthen the structure of the packaging, wear-resistant, and waterproof. It can improve the brightness of the packaging or reduce the brightness of the packaging paper. , see below are some examples of Yizhengtang packaging production. The effect of glossy film and the effect of matte film Second, hot stamping process, in order to improve the quality of packaging, the most used hot stamping process in the production of gift boxes, now basically no packaging without hot stamping, even the Apple mobile phone packaging box is also hot a logo. Hot stamping is to heat the desired pattern with gold or silver foil and then hot stamp it on the surface of the printed matter to make it look high-grade like gold-plated or silver. Hot Laser Gold Effect Hot Bright Silver Effect Hot Bronze Gold Effect The pictures and texts that have been hit will be presented in the form of being higher or lower than the paper surface, thus showing a good three-dimensional and layered sense. Gold card bump effect White cardboard bump effect Fourth, UV effect, many gift boxes have a bright feeling on the surface of the graphics and text, many customers ask the editor what effect this is, this is actually a silk screen process, the purpose is to make local The lines or pictures and texts light up and there is a contrast between the background color of the printed surface, so as to obtain a good visual effect.

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