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The role of UV in making paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-25

Nowadays, UV is printed on many paper bags, so what are the functions of these UVs? Where are they usually printed on tote bags?

The UV process of making paper bags is to apply a layer of UV ink on the surface of the bags made of paper bags. The area of u200bu200bUV can be divided into full-page and partial. However, the effect of general full-page UV will not be obvious. On the surface it looks similar to glossy, but the varnish is brighter.

The real best effect of UV process is reflected in local UV. For example, parts such as Logo and product pictures on the production of paper bags often use partial UV. The text and pictures after UV processing are more textured and three-dimensional.

Therefore, it is suggested that when you want to do UV in the production of portable paper bags, it is best to choose a local UV process. The effect and cost will be better guaranteed.

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