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The role of the kraft paper bag is to decorate the product to protect the product?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-06

The kraft paper bag designed by the kraft paper bag manufacturer has three functions, that is, the protection of the product, the concentration of the unit and the convenience. Based on these three characteristics of the product kraft paper bag, the kraft paper bag has four functions, that is, to protect the product, to facilitate no six, to promote sales and to facilitate consumption.

Product Protection The protection of the kraft paper bag reflects the purpose of the kraft paper bag, which is to protect the product from damage and loss. The protection of kraft paper bags is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Prevent product damage and deformation. The product kraft paper bag should be able to withstand various shocks, vibrations, bumps, compression, friction and other external forces in the process of loading, transportation, storage, etc., to form the protection of the products inside, and have a certain anti-vibration strength.

2. Kraft paper bags are custom designed to prevent chemical changes in the product. Products are susceptible to moisture, mildew and rust during circulation and consumption, resulting in chemical changes, which affect the normal use of products. This requires that the kraft paper bag can block moisture, moisture, light and harmful gases to a certain extent, so as to avoid adverse effects of the external environment on the product.

3. Prevent the impact of pests on the product. Rats, insects and other harmful organisms are very destructive to the product. This requires the kraft paper bag to have the ability to block the invasion of molds, insects and mice, and form a protective effect on the products inside.

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