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The recycling of paper packaging boxes is very important

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-25

When analyzing packaging materials, our packaging box designers should first analyze whether their properties and packaging purposes are reasonably configured; they should also analyze the material composition and disassembly of the overall product, fully consider the use of materials, and put Reduction, reuse and recycling, and degradable materials are the goals and means of sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. In some European and American countries, discarded records have been redesigned into packaging containers in the shape of fruit bowls; recycled corrugated cardboard boxes are carefully designed into seats with different functions in life. Paper materials are recognized as green materials in the world, and paper packaging has strong plasticity, and there is a lot of creative space for design and modeling. The rational use of the design principle of making the best use of materials can realize the maximization of packaging design functions, and through the development and utilization of available materials, the cyclic packaging design, production and use can be realized. To develop the sustainability of packaging design, the first consideration is how to make the best use of natural resources, so as to make full use of material resources

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