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The reason for the discoloration of the surface printing part of [tote paper bag customization]

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-18
In this era of packaging, it is normal to pack goods, but it is necessary to use custom paper bags for packaging, so as to show a person's taste and the value of goods, but due to the long-term placement of custom paper bags, The printed part of the surface will be discolored, what is the cause. Please see the explanation below.

It is understood that there are two reasons for the discoloration of the printed part of the surface of the paper bag that has not been used for a long time: oxidation reaction and air temperature. Air temperature: The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage the printed materials, and the color of the inkjet prints will become lighter if they are exposed to the sun for a long time, so the preservation method is not to be directly exposed to the sun. For the oxidation reaction, the components of the printing ink, there are many desiccants, agents and other additives in the ink, and they will not be oxidized after drying. It is determined according to the object of printing, that is, the substrate, the printing method, the type of printing plate and the drying method. Therefore, one of the reasons for the discoloration of the customized surface printing part of the paper carrier bags is that the printing ink is not up to standard.
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