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The production process of gift boxes?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-09

When the gift box is made, there is generally a related design and production process, so what are the specific steps?

First of all, before the production of the gift box, it is necessary to design and make a design pattern, which is convenient for later construction and checking of problems. Then it is to decide the material and color. The material is generally paper-based, and there are also hand-made bamboo strips. The colors are also colorful and very beautiful. The first step is to choose the thickness of the cardboard; different products have different needs, try to choose the best load-bearing and protect the product; the next step is the printing process to ensure that there will be no problems such as color mixing; then the surface treatment technology is carried out again; , the production of gift boxes should be carried out in this order, and finally the production of gift boxes will be completed.

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