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The production process of cosmetic kraft paper bag design

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-02

No matter what packaging has its production process, the process of designing cosmetic kraft paper bags is not so easy.

1. The customer orders a custom PVC plastic box from the factory. If you want to print a pattern on the plastic box, the customer needs to provide AI printing design drawings.

2. The factory feeds materials according to the order (general plastic box packaging is made of PET, PVC, PP and other materials, the thickness of PVC and PET plastic boxes is generally between 0.10-0.60mm, and the thickness of PP plastic boxes is generally 0.10- Between 0.80mm, if the plastic box material is too thick, the appearance of the plastic box made will look dull).

3. The laminating and cutting materials are in rolls. The factory needs to cut the incoming materials into pieces according to the size of the plastic box. The laminating is to protect the finished plastic box from being scratched or scratched during the production and transportation process. scratched.

4. Printing

4.1 Color printing (UV offset printing) The factory sends the AI u200bu200bprinting manuscripts provided by the customer and the cut materials to the cooperative printing factory for printing. The plastic box pays attention to the beautiful and delicate appearance, and the printing colors are also colorful. Because the plastic box is an outer kraft paper bag, the printing process requires high technology, and it is taboo to avoid color differences, ink spots, and color fading, which affect the aesthetics.

4.2 Silk screen printing or hot stamping, hot silver (if silk screen printing hot stamping silver can be done in the factory ~ Wanli plastic box)

5. Beer Beer is an important part of the process of making gift boxes. If the beer is accurate, the knife mold must be accurate. If the beer is not accurate, the beer will be biased, and the beer will continue to affect the subsequent processing.

6. Remove the edge material from the good plastic box of beer.

7. Tear off the film at the place where the glue is placed.

8. Apply glue. The existing strength of the factory has a fully automatic glue machine, greatly speeding up the production speed.

9. Packing boxes After the plastic boxes pass through the automatic glue machine, the staff will wrap each 20 plastic boxes into a bundle with film and put them into the carton. Depending on the size of the plastic box, how many bundles can be contained in a box can be determined. At this point, the plastic box production is completed.

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