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The production of [packaging box] needs to consider three principles

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-08
In modern society, the packaging of products is very important, which will be directly related to the taste of the gift giver and the value of the product. Therefore, the following principles need to be considered in the design and production of packaging boxes .
1. The principle of sex
The packaging box is the basic principle of packaging design. During the packaging process, the selected packaging materials and memory packaging are suitable for the physical and chemical properties of the product, so as to ensure that the product is not damaged, deformed, deteriorated, or damaged. skewered.
2. The principle of economy
The choice of packaging box materials should be firm, light in weight, low in price, scientific and reasonable in the internal structure, which can protect the product without being defective, and prevent the waste of large packaging of small commodities and luxury packaging of low-priced commodities.
3. Artistic principles
The material of the packing box should be beautiful and generous, with a vivid image, not unconventional, not imitating, and adopting new packing materials, which is refreshing. Packaging pattern. The shape and text of the packaging box are clear, and truthfully reflect the characteristics, functions, specifications and usage methods of the products.
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