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The production and design of cosmetic paper bags may often determine women's consumption psychology

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-29

According to the characteristics of women's consumption psychology, the production and design of cosmetic paper bags should make full use of the law of color association, fully satisfy women's love of beauty and sense of superiority, and highlight their personality and value, thereby promoting the continuous increase of cosmetics consumption. The production of paper bags for products is not only a container for carrying commodities, but also a means to stimulate and guide consumption. The current paper bag design is not only to exert its physical function, that is, the function of protecting goods, but also to exert its psychological function, that is, to attract the attention of consumers, and to develop to the level of aesthetics to delight consumers.

Cosmetics market is a consumer market full of huge potential. Whoever can stand out in the competition of many brands will have unlimited business opportunities and profits. The production of cosmetic paper bags is the first pass to attract the attention of female consumers, and color is precisely the key to this pass. Therefore, in the production and design of cosmetic paper bags, it is necessary to make full use of the associative characteristics of color to arouse the good imagination of female consumers.

It is necessary to make good use of color to bring women's beauty experience and satisfy the beauty-loving heart. Everyone has a love for beauty, especially female consumers, whose love of beauty is more prominent. The color design of cosmetics should be based on the different color preferences of different age groups and fully satisfy their love of beauty. For young women's cosmetics, the color tone should be fresh and lively, so as to fully reflect the vitality and health of young people. Such as Yaqian Aloe Vera Moisturizer, its emerald green packaging is fresh and natural, full of vitality, easy to be favored by young girls. For products aimed at middle-aged and elderly consumers, the color tone should be stable and elegant. They have higher requirements for product quality and pay more attention to brand consumption. For example, the various essence products of SK-Ⅱ, with Chinese red as the main color, not only reflects the traditional Chinese flavor, but also gives a noble feeling, and is full of vitality, which makes many women believe that this product is nourishing the skin. , has outstanding performance in maintaining youthful skin.

Pay attention to the packaging color design of make-up, highlighting the individuality and value of women. Moisturizers, whitening creams, foundations and sunscreens can only meet the basic skin care needs of female consumers. If you want to highlight your personality, make-up is essential. Different makeup can give people different psychological feelings, which can be pure and lovely, fresh and elegant, fashionable and sexy, intelligent and intellectual. Therefore, the color design of cosmetic paper bags for make-up should not only give female consumers a sense of beauty, but also bring them rich associations about personality and value.

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