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The process of making gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-29

There are various forms of packaging boxes on the market, but many people are not clear about the packaging box materials? Ordinary packaging is relatively simple in material and structure, many of which are two-layer or single-layer structures. Plastic materials have three major sections: solvent-free compounding, dry compounding, and extrusion compounding. Among them, dry compounding is the mainstream. . The material is mostly transparent type water-resistant high-barrier packaging bag, which is generally divided into two-layer structure (KPA/PE) and three-layer structure cardboard according to the weight of the product. After the printing is completed, what is the production process of the gift packaging box?

These packaging materials are common packaging materials in our daily life. The quality of the packaging is also related to the quality of the material. The same packaging made of different materials will give people different effects. Bohan packaging professional gift box production for 18 years, has an excellent team, advanced gift box production line, and skilled packaging workers, combined with years of experience in gift box packaging, to create wine packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, gift boxes, and other exquisite packaging for you Gift Package. The process of making gift boxes

1. The production process of the book-shaped gift box (package gift box):

1. Determine the design draft

2. Confirm the sample and place an order for production

3. Schedule production materials (face paper, enclosure, inner sticker, bottom paper, cardboard or MDF, inner support material, etc.)

4. Printing wrapping paper and inner stickers (there are matching bags that need to be printed)

5. Post-process production (lamination, embossing, UV, bronzing, embossing, embossing, die-cutting and other processes can be selected according to needs)

6. Box opening:

a. The perimeter paper, the printed face paper, the inner sticker, the panel, hoarding board, and inner support of the gray cardboard material are cut to the predetermined size (the density board needs to be cut with a professional large saw)


b. Panel processing: V-groove machine to open V-groove, stick iron sheet

c. Coaming plate processing: drilling magnet holes

d. Processing of inner support: If the inner support is gray board, you need to die-cut the gray board and then stick the cut silk cloth. If the inner support is foam, you need to tie the cut silk cloth on the molded foam


7. Veneer paper (that is, the surface of the panel wrapping paper should be scraped flat, and the edges should be wrapped tightly), paste the inner sticker, and mount the enclosure (at the same time, you need to put a magnet).

8. Box assembly (You can choose the gluing method according to the material needs: brush the original glue on the enclosure and glue the glue gun to assemble. When assembling, keep the box clean to avoid leakage of glue and affect the appearance.)

9. Stick backing paper as needed. (take care to keep the box clean)

10. Put the inner support (the direction of the inner support that is asymmetrical up and down should be distinguished)

11. Wipe the box and pack it (the box making process takes a while, and there will inevitably be floating soil and stains, so we need to wipe the box to finish)

Second, the production process of the heaven and earth cover box (upper and lower cover box):

The difference between the production of the heaven and earth cover box and the book box is: the panel of the package box is divided into the front face, top face, back face and bottom bottom of the box by the V groove, and the panel is formed by wrapping the enclosure. Box, hence the name package box. The top cover and bottom bottom are separate (except the one-piece top and bottom cover), and the production method is somewhat different:

1. The upper cover and lower bottom of the MDF material need to be fixed with white latex and let dry respectively. (The upper and lower lids of the gray cardboard material can be opened; the well; the V-groove, after removing the four corners, it is directly fixed with tape) 2. Mount the processed facial paper on the upper cover and the lower bottom.

3. The upper cover and the lower bottom are snapped together to complete the assembly (one-piece upper and lower cover boxes need to be formed by connecting the upper and lower covers with connecting plates).

4. Put the inner tray, wipe the box, and pack it.

Third, the production process of the special-shaped box:

The special-shaped box depends on the specific box. Most of the special-shaped boxes are the extension of the heaven and earth cover box and the bag box, and the production process is similar. (Multi-angle box, heart-shaped box, round box, cone-shaped box, drawer box, multi-layer box, etc.)

The above is a detailed introduction to the production process of the gift box. The public mainly looks at the value of the gift itself, but the exquisite packaging box is also very attractive to customers. I hope everyone can pay attention to it.

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