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The problem of color difference in the production of gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-12
Designing a good gift paper bag requires professionals who understand graphic design, as well as sales staff and planners who understand marketing concepts. It is a comprehensive knowledge and requires the overall cooperation of the team. The design of the gift box needs to involve materials, structures, technological processes, etc., rather than simply graphic design. The color of gift paper bags, as one of the attractions of the product, plays an important role, and its technical content cannot be underestimated. Let's take a look at the color difference of the gift box.

The problem of chromatic aberration is a frequent problem, but it cannot be accepted by customers, so it must be paid attention to by manufacturers. Whether it is a picture album or a box, if it is not printed properly, or there is a color difference, it will be scrapped. Printing not only reflects the level of the printer, but also reflects the overall strength of the company. Once a mistake is made, it will affect the company's reputation, and customers will also lose reputation. So what are the common color differences?

There are three kinds of chromatic aberration problems. The first case is that the same product has chromatic aberration in different batches. This kind of problem is generally unavoidable, because it is a problem of the printing machine itself, and it is sometimes difficult for manufacturers to solve it. This situation requires manufacturers to work hard to control, more supervision, and reduce the degree of mistakes. The second situation is that the color difference between the real object and the sample is sometimes unavoidable. Because of the difference in machinery, there is a difference between the printed color and the painted color, which is a normal phenomenon. This needs to contact the supplier in advance, explain the situation, and try to control the color difference range. The third situation is the deviation between the printing color and the customer's product color. The inner packaging materials of the products are not the same. The same color printed on the paper and printed on the material will be different, so the manufacturer will generally explain to the customer, try to Reduce chromatic aberration.

Generally explain clearly to customers and suppliers, all can be understood, paper bag manufacturers also have the responsibility and obligation to help customers print the best. Choice is greater than effort. Choosing a good paper bag manufacturer can save you a lot of trouble. I hope to be your worry-free business and try to help you do your best.

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