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The printing and production process of the packaging box is divided into several steps

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-16

Everyone knows that packaging boxes are used to package products, so do you know how packaging boxes are printed, and what is the production process? The editor from Hengtai Packaging will introduce you one by one.

Simply put, packaging box printing is to print decorative patterns, patterns or words on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more explanatory, so that the packaging box is more delicate and beautiful. Since the production process of packaging box printing is more troublesome and strict, here I will talk about the steps of packaging box printing production process, right? The first is plate making. Generally, no more than three colors are used on the packaging box, so that it will appear atmospheric; the second is paper selection. The general gift box packaging paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper, which can be more heavy. Then, the packaging box is only printed with wrapping paper, the paper will not be printed, and simple surface treatment is carried out, such as over-gloss glue, over-matte glue, over-uv, over-varnish, over-matte oil. It involves beer and mounting. Beer is a more important part of the printing process, because the usual prints are mounted first and then beer, but the gift box is first beer and then mounted, so the mounting paper of the gift box is all handmade. to achieve a certain beauty. In short, when the packaging box is printed, the production process needs to be very careful to avoid mistakes.

The above content has been introduced in detail, and the printing and production process of packaging is divided into several steps. Friends who need our products, you can call our company directly for consultation.

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