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The principle of making environmentally friendly paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-03

u200bWhat is the principle of making environmentally friendly paper bags? Environmentally friendly paper bag manufacturers tell you:

u200bThe production of environmentally friendly paper bags is an environmentally friendly and breathable material, which is relatively easy to decompose in the natural environment. Usually, manufacturers of environmentally friendly paper bags directly use this fabric to make products. The general printing process includes silk screen printing or offset printing. The two printing processes have no special changes to the non-woven fabric. For eco-friendly ink printing, the pattern printed on the eco-friendly portable paper bag will be washed away after being washed with water.

u200bNon-woven lamination is a production process different from screen printing. Its characteristic is that the printed patterns can achieve photo-level effects and can print various complex color patterns. The surface of the non-woven fabric is covered with a layer of PP film, so that the non-woven fabric has also been greatly improved in terms of firmness. At the same time, the non-woven fabric can also be waterproof, and the printed pattern on its surface will not fade due to washing.

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