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The paper bag manufacturer tells you why the profit is not high

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-28

At present, there are some consumers in the market. They think that merchants and factories can make a profit when they sell their products, and they will never lose money. If it is placed in 0809, it may be a big market in China. The environment is a period of economic boom. It is true that it will be sold without losing money. However, although the market environment in our country is still growing, it is no longer so optimistic. The market for handbags made by paper bag manufacturers is not as good as each year. , Not due to the decline of the industry, but due to various other reasons, today paper bag making will let everyone share these reasons that will lead to changes in the market for hand-made bags.

According to the information provided by paper bag manufacturers, China’s current printing paper bag manufacturing industry has gradually matured, and competition in the industry has gradually reached a state of saturation, which has led many manufacturers to adjust prices and other ways to increase Competitiveness, this has led to the decline in industry profits expected by paper bag manufacturers, to the point where profits are now rather meager. Even some leading paper bag manufacturers are developing business models through the accumulation of customer resources and capital accumulation in the past. The continuous expansion of the industry can obtain good income results in the relative adversity, but printing is no longer profitable. It is not only the paper bag manufacturer, but also the consensus of the general industry.

Especially after so many years of financial shocks, the current state of the industry analyzed by paper bag manufacturers has reached a quite different phenomenon, which is mainly reflected in the annual average annual growth rate of the printing industry’s total output value of more than double digits, but in-depth In the industry, most of the practitioners and bosses are complaining. This is precisely because the turnover is very objective, but in the final analysis, the profit is really not satisfactory. According to various data, the paper bag manufacturer analyzes the most important thing. The reason is that the cost of raw materials and labor costs continue to rise, resulting in very meager profits in the printing paper bag manufacturing industry, which is the main reason.

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