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The packaging of your products in kraft paper bags has been OUT

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-07

Modern products all require kraft paper bags, which not only pay attention to the exquisiteness of the appearance design, but also pay attention to the control of the packaging details of the kraft paper bags. For merchants, a kraft paper bag is not only a container for packaging products, but may also have many other functions. For example, to protect the quality of products from damage, to enhance the aesthetics to add value to products, to print LOGO silently to enhance the company's reputation, etc., so the packaging design of kraft paper bags is even more important.

Today, I will bring you two sets of exquisite tea kraft paper bag packaging cases to see how other people's product packaging is designed. There are many places worth referring to in terms of color, pattern, text, craftsmanship, box shape and material. Well, without further ado, let's come together.

1. Cooking tea kraft paper bag

The overall use is a portable pull-out box type, with a brown webbing for easy opening of the box, the two-layer pull-out box type is like a double-layer drawer, and the name of the pull-out box is also derived from this. Taking into account the portability of people's use, the design of the hand rope is also more user-friendly. The inner lining is a grey board with art paper, the outer box is a 2.5mm grey board with spot color printing on art paper, and the text and pattern are gilded in the center.

3. Private collection of Pu'er tea kraft paper bags

The box shape of this set of tea kraft paper bags is different from the first set, it uses a book-shaped box. However, they all use art paper for spot color printing and mount 2.5mm gray board. The lid is designed with a rubber band handle for easy opening. The difference is that this off-white art paper has its own texture, so the text uses black bronzing and pattern. With red bronzing, the color matching is just right. The art paper lining is very textured, and this is a kraft paper bag perfect for tea cakes.

After reading the two sets of tea kraft paper bags, how do you feel? Do you have the urge to design your own product packaging? Therefore, the product packaging does not have to be luxurious, but it must conform to the product characteristics. How about a kraft paper bag that is very expensive but cannot highlight the product characteristics!

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