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The packaging design of tea kraft paper bags is not simple, and each has its own requirements!

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-27

In order to do a good job in the packaging design of tea kraft paper bags, companies and enterprises should start from their own products. First of all, the outer packaging design is a problem that enterprises need to consider. They should understand the size of the packaging box, the style, color, paper, etc. of the packaging box to be designed. Wait.

You can find a special design company or complete it by your own design team. Of course, professional design services are also provided. Then in general, a proofing draft should be produced first to determine the correctness of the file content and the approximate color direction. Of course, you can also determine the content of the file on the computer and then personally look at the sample on the printing press when printing.

It is suggested that you can first make a digital sample to confirm the content, and then look at the sample in person during printing to ensure the correctness of the content and color. After printing, it is the subsequent processing.

The back-end processes of tea kraft paper bag packaging include lamination, UV, bronzing, pasting, die-cutting and so on. These are all designed to increase the high-end and exquisiteness of the tea packaging box. This aspect is determined according to the purpose of the box and the value of the product. The construction period of packaging box printing and production generally depends on the documents, the number of printing and the subsequent process.

Generally, our production cycle is about 5-15 working days. Of course, if the quantity is relatively large or the printing process is more complicated, the construction period may be appropriately extended. The custom price of tea kraft paper bag packaging is usually based on specific customer needs, such as paper, size, craft, box type, etc. to give accurate quotations, avoiding huge errors caused by general quotations.

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