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The packaging design of tea kraft paper bags highlights the 'beauty' of graphics

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-27

Tea has a long history in my country, so the packaging design of tea kraft paper bags should not be sloppy. For our packaging factory, our packaging design must highlight the characteristics of the product and the brand of the merchant, and more To know how to use design to achieve the ideal product packaging in the minds of customers. Today, I will explain to you the beauty of graphics in packaging design.

Graphics are also one of the three major visual elements of packaging design. The shape of the brand name mentioned earlier can also be regarded as graphics, including trademark patterns, product images, graphic creativity, usage scenes, site scenery, and symbolic marks and so on. People in a country's hobby for patterns is a window to understand the country's customs. Patterns can be divided into animals, plants, geometric figures, figurative figures, abstract figures and other forms. In packaging design, it is necessary to understand the patterns of people in various countries. like. For example, the lotus is regarded as a pure and pure flower in my country, and it is also very popular in India and Bangladesh. It is considered a gentleman among flowers, representing light, auspiciousness and purity.

According to different product packaging, and the unique concept of the merchant company, we will create different product packaging for them, and the experienced packaging box factory will be able to create batches of product packaging that are satisfied by merchants and favored by consumers. .

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