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The packaging box shows your temperament, the packaging box, the sample album, the gift box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-02

Wooden tea packaging box Production process: According to the material, there are three types of wooden tea boxes: solid wood tea boxes, MDF tea boxes and plywood tea boxes. Among them, solid wood tea boxes and MDF tea boxes are the most common. The production process, the solid wood tea box is first to choose the material, that is, to choose the wood for making the wood embryo. Commonly used solid wood such as beech, pine, rubber wood, etc., when choosing wood, you can choose the whole log or the wood that has been opened. Plates, MDF plates, decks, etc.; after selecting the materials, the next step is to cut and splicing the wood blanks in the woodworking workshop, and sand the initial embryos; after the wood blanks are made, if you choose to use logs, you can directly produce them. The finished product is not processed by the external process, and the finished product is directly decorated and packaged with the inner support.

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