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The packaging box is actually the last word, packaging box, sample album, corrugated carton box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-12

We examine both aspects when we study the use value of box packaging. Specifically, in the research on the use value of packaging, two situations are often encountered: one is that when the packaging is not in use, the relevant performance indicators of the packaging should be measured, which is usually reflected in the analysis of the design quality and production quality of the packaging. and evaluation; the other is the analysis and evaluation of the use value of the package when the package is used. According to the basic meaning of the use value of packaging, the importance of studying the use value of packaging is different in these two cases. The former case analyzes and evaluates the design quality and production quality of packaging, although the design and production The indicators are related to the use of packaging, but this connection always lags behind the actual use; various indicators are only indicators in design and production, which are different from the reflection of packaging properties in actual use of packaging. Therefore, it can only be an indicator. An examination of the potential use value of leather box packaging. In the latter case, the examination of the actual use value of the packaging is an examination of the actual utility of the packaging. It is not difficult to understand that the latter is more important than the former for researching the use value of packaging.

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