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△The overall division of exquisite color box packaging: each one is breathtaking! △Exquisite color box packaging ※Olive oil gift box packaging ※Customized packaging carton

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-12

→Exquisite color box packaging/products-detail.asp?cpidu003d41The whole is divided into:

※→Ⅰ, packing box - carton, micro tile, pow, heavy tile, honeycomb cardboard, display stand, etc.

→Ⅱ, packing box - color box, cardboard box, micro-corrugated box, etc.

→Ⅲ, Packaging bags - plastic packaging bags, plastic composite bags, single-layer plastic bags, etc.

→Ⅳ, packaging bottle - plastic bottle, glass bottle, ordinary bottle, crystal bottle, etc.

→Ⅴ, packaging cans - iron cans, aluminum cans, glass cans, paper cans, etc.

→Ⅵ, packaging tube - hose, composite hose, plastic hose, aluminum tube, etc.

→VII, other packaging containers - trays, paper labels, paper dividers, tapes, bottle seals, nozzles, metal caps, pumps, etc.

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