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The origin of the gift box is a gift

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-06

The ritual originated from the sacrificial activities in ancient times. In the sacrificial ceremony, people not only expressed their respect and awe to the gods with standard actions and a pious attitude, but also put their own valuable objects that can reflect their respect for the gods (i.e. cattle , sheep, etc. sacrifice) dedicated to the gods. Perhaps from then on, there has been a material element in the meaning of ritual, and ritual can appear in the form of things, that is, gifts.

;gift; the word consists of two words. Li; means ritual, etiquette, and moral concepts such as loyalty and filial piety.

;Product; means material things. It is worth noting that, etymologically, this Chinese word implies that gift is not just a material gift (present), it carries cultural rules (etiquette) and involves ritual. Therefore, rude things are just objects and not gifts.

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