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The new direction of paper bag making and printing for liquor

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-15

With the restriction of the three public consumption and other policies, the sales volume of domestic liquor has dropped sharply, which is accompanied by a reduction in the production of wine paper bags. The reduction in the demand for production and printing of liquor paper bags has also added business pressure to packaging and printing plants. In the face of new challenges, paper bag making and printing factories should actively follow the trend, identify the entry point of advantageous products, and improve the order-taking ability of various businesses, thereby reducing the pressure on paper bag making and printing factories due to the volume of liquor paper bag making and printing orders. Four new directions of making and printing liquor paper bags

1. Change business model

At present, the diversification and personalization of the liquor market is becoming a new trend, but the printing factory still stays in the traditional business model of processing with materials and making orders in the past, which obviously cannot meet the needs of the current market. For this reason, the paper bag making and printing factory needs to seek changes while maintaining stability, and provide a comprehensive packaging solution integrating product design, production and all-round customer service, so as to provide more added value for wine-making enterprises. For the liquor paper bag making and printing factory, it is also a good opportunity to demonstrate the innovation strength of the enterprise, gain customer recognition and maintain customer relationships, and is conducive to the formation of packaging brand effects and stable order business.

2. Preparation for digital printing

With the continuous expansion of new packaging business, especially the customized liquor packaging, its printing data is variable, the batch is small, and the delivery cycle is short, which puts forward higher requirements for the production capacity of liquor packaging and printing enterprises. Digital printing uses digital technology to integrate the three sub-processes of pre-press, printing and post-press processing into an organic system, so that the printed graphic information can be transmitted completely and accurately, and finally processed into printed products. According to the paper bag making and printing factory, this advantage lies in the fact that the printing order information runs through the whole production process as data flow, which eliminates the influence of human factors to the greatest extent, and can effectively improve the production automation ability, reduce costs, reduce resource waste and environmental pollution, and realize the Need to print, expand the short-run printing market.

3. Integrate superior resources

The production of high-end liquor paper bags is characterized by complex process and strong dependence on manual work in the subsequent process. The packaging process of medium and low-end liquor is relatively simple and mainly depends on equipment. The product trend of one-to-two liters of liquor packaging requires wine packaging and printing enterprises to make arrangements in the utilization of labor and equipment resources, find a balance between production capacity and business products, and strive for greater economic benefits with lower production costs . Nowadays, some Jiangsu packaging and printing factories also undertake the packaging business of medicines, food, daily chemical products and other products, filling the gaps in the temporary reduction of wine packaging orders, which is also a good way to tide over the difficulties.

4. Accelerate technological innovation

For outdated equipment, paper bag production and printing plants should be updated in time to improve the automation level of printing and post-press processing equipment. Strengthen the research and development and application of core technologies, form core competitiveness, and form technological monopoly advantages. For example, liquor packaging has a strong demand for anti-counterfeiting technology. In recent years, RFID technology has become mature and has been successfully applied to high-end liquors such as Maotai and Wuliangye. Mastering the low-cost and high-efficiency production of RFID liquor paper bag production and printing plants will definitely be in the future. favored by the market.

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