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The most like Almodovar style tote paper bag production is none other than it.

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-08

Remember that black and white graffiti style pizza box? Futura, the design team behind it, recently brought an unexpected production of portable paper bags. If you didn't know in advance that it was made for the restaurant's food tote bags, you might think that it was CD tote bag making or movie-related entertainment peripherals tote paper bag making.

When the team received a commission to create a brand image for a French restaurant called ThePizzaAffair, the editor guessed that they boldly borrowed the graphic style of Spanish film master Pedro Almodovar.

Almodóvar, the banner of contemporary Spanish cinema, is one of the masters of color use in the world today. He likes to use sex and violent crime, such as human innate animal desires, as well as Spain's unique open enthusiasm and magnificent colors. Decorate this boring world. In his movies, the rich colors almost overflow the plane view, reaching the pupils. The impact of color strengthens the power of talking in the film.

Futura combines soft pornographic images with brightly colored abstract graphics, using a large area of u200bu200bintense red. The big red itself makes people feel wild and passionate, plus some provocative words, such as: Thatwillbeyourenternallove, theslipthatyouwillneverregret, the entire Almodovar style Pizza portable paper bag production, it is easy to evoke people's most primitive desire-appetite.

As a professional manufacturer of hand-held paper bags, although the cold wind prevails today, we still appreciate the large-scale and colorful hand-held paper bag production, because the world is diversified, and the culture is also diversified, with different styles. The production of portable paper bags has a different charm, which is exactly the charm of the production and design of portable paper bags.

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