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The most down-to-earth socks paper bag production

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-08

The most down-to-earth thing in the world is socks besides shoes. After all, these two are the medium we contact with the ground. How can we not be down-to-earth, oh yes, here is not the other, what is said here The expression of earth qi means that Li is near the ground. Socks are something that we do not leave our feet 365 days a year for some people. It has become a daily necessity. So buying socks is a common thing. Then what kind of socks paper bag is made is what you will see when you choose socks. What? Let's take a look at some very interesting socks paper bag making designs with the editor.

These two socks paper bags are made of camouflage type. The paper bag in picture 1 and socks work well together. When they are combined, they will become an owl nest in the house. I believe children will like this kind of packaging very much. design. The other turned into a star directly, um, ten such stars for me.

Compared with the previous two socks made of paper bags, these two styles are relatively simple, well-formed and just right. This is the so-called not pedantic or aggressive. Such sock paper bags are made from a wide range of objects, ranging from 80 to 3 or 4 years old.

Uh, I seem to see a box of sushi. This sock paper bag is very good. It won an award in the 2011 design competition. I can think of disguising socks as food. The designer's brain is a bit big, but I like it. Haha!

The design of this socks paper bag is a combination of beauty and humanity. The landscape illustration pattern brings beauty to it. This window design is very humane. Consumers can understand the situation of the product through this window. Consumers can see is believable!

Socks may be not so high-end daily necessities. No matter how beautiful they are, they are still trampled under their feet and hidden in shoes. Many people think that this kind of goods does not need good packaging, but this idea is wrong. Nowadays In this face-conscious society, paper bag making plays a very important role in whether the product is hot or not. Good paper bag making can improve the competitiveness of products, so it is necessary to make custom socks paper bags. Remember to look for custom socks paper bag production, paper bag production experience can withstand your demand for quality, welcome to contact us.

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