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The most detailed paper bag making and printing process is packaged and sent to you!

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-07

The face is not only used between people, but also used in many aspects, such as the production of paper bags, the same product, the same price, but the packaging is different, then people often choose good-looking ones. buy. How did those eye-catching paper bags come about? Today, the editor will talk to everyone about paper bag making and printing! The following procedures are provided by the technical staff of the paper bag manufacturer.

1. Plate making

The present gift box pays attention to the beautiful appearance, so the colors of the versions produced are also varied. Usually, a gift box of a style has not only 4 basic colors but also a few spot colors, such as gold and silver. These are all spot colors.

2. Choose paper here

The general gift box wrapping paper is made of double copper and dumb copper paper. The weight is generally 128g, 105g, 157g. Few gift boxes have more than 200g wrapping paper because the wrapping paper is too thick. It is easy to foam, and the appearance is also very dull. The professional paper bag manufacturer uses 157 grams, and the paper bag making paper is to choose the appropriate double-gray paper according to the customer's needs, commonly known as gray board paper or gray cardboard.

3. Printing requirements

The gift box is only printed wrapping paper. The mounting paper will not be printed. At most, it is only dyed. Because the gift box is made of outer paper bags, the printing requirements are very high. The most taboo is color differences, ink dots, and rotten plates. Disadvantages that affect aesthetics. .

4. Surface treatment

Trademark tag manufacturers usually do surface treatment on the wrapping paper of gift boxes. The common ones are over-varnish, over-matt, over-uv, over-varnish, and over-matte.

5. Beer

Beer is a more important part of the printing process. To be accurate, the die must be accurate. If the beer is inaccurate, the beer is biased, and the beer continues, these will affect the subsequent processing.

6. Mounting

The usual printed matter is framed before beer, but the gift box is framed after beer. One is afraid of getting flowers and wrapping paper, and the other is that the gift box pays attention to the overall beauty. The gift box mounting paper must be handmade to reach a certain level. Beautiful.

7. Final process

The last thing is to punch the holes that need to be punched, and wipe the glue on the surface if you don't, and then you can package them for delivery. .

After reading the above process, do you have an understanding of the production of paper bags? If you want to customize your own, special paper bag making, find it right!

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