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The most common two kinds of handle bags in paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-19

In the current paper bag manufacturers, the competition in the market is particularly fierce, because with the advancement of industrial technology and the continuous increase of peers, it has never been a problem for paper bag making services to promote the progress and improvement of the industry. Good thing, in such a fiercely competitive market, how do you make yourself shine and show consumers that you are aware of yourself? In fact, doing every step of the process is the best confession and the most sincere heart to the merchants, so this intention is nothing. By the way, how does it reflect in the process of making paper bags?

As mentioned above, every part of paper bag making is done one step at a time. Whether it is the smallest accessory corn or the largest paper bag paper, the quality of each process will reflect this. Whether the origin of paper bag making is exquisite, today I will share some small knowledge about two kinds of hand ropes, which are important parts of the paper bag made by myself.

The first type is the paper rope handle. The reason for this introduction is that it is mainly made of paper packaging products, like paper bags in the hand, they need to be made of paper instead of other materials, so paper The high-quality hand rope becomes one of the materials that are very suitable for one's own culture and business scope. In fact, the simpler paper hand rope is to make paper into a paper bag to make the shape of the hand rope, and then use a card to fit the bag. It’s good to stick the paper rope to the opening of the paper bag in different ways. It is convenient for consumers to carry it. The biggest advantage of this method is that the paper rope fits the paper better than other ropes. The theme of paper bag making can also take into account its practicability, and the performance in tension is also quite good, so using paper hand ropes on paper bag making is a pretty good choice.

Although the second type is also an extension of the paper rope, his method is more efficient than the first ordinary type. This is the plastic head rope. Although the paper bag production rope contains plastic characters, However, he is not glue, but puts rubber head buckles on both ends of the paper rope used for making paper bags. This will make it easier for the hand ropes made of paper bags to pass directly through the paper bag, eliminating the need to punch holes and open the corns. Save a lot of time and efficiency will naturally increase. The biggest advantage of removing the process of punching, knotting and pasting is that the cost and labor will be greatly reduced, and the working principle is also simple, so improve work efficiency and let It is normal for the production speed of paper bags to achieve a qualitative leap.

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