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The Mid-Autumn Festival exclusive custom hand-held paper bag production is actually promoting yourself

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-11

Companies large and small are looking forward to some meaningful holidays that can take the opportunity to promote the company. Employees hope to receive gifts from the company as well as gifts from partners. Especially those who give gifts on special holidays in order to thank customers are both to comfort customers and to promote themselves, killing two birds with one stone. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Early on, many companies have conceived to customize various Mid-Autumn packing boxes exclusively for themselves. In particular, customizing mooncake packing boxes with their own company characteristics has become a popular trend. A few days ago, I saw the exclusive customized Mid-Autumn Festival portable paper bag made by the most popular game manufacturers that everyone is keen to play on the Internet.

'Jian Wang 3' Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, presents to customers Lao Tzu's meringue moon cakes on its seventh anniversary. It uses a deeply customized outer box, full of heart, very eye-catching, 128g coated paper with four-color printing After passing the matte glue, it is mounted on 3mm thick cardboard to make the Huizhou architectural style. With a little hands, you can present a small shadow puppet theater 'Jian Wang 3: Fingertip Jianghu'

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of 'League of Legends' in China. Therefore, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the official teamed up with Haagen-Dazs to launch the 'League of Legends' custom mooncakes. Aim to use this token to celebrate the festive season with all summoners. This theme mooncake has chosen the bright cold fairy Chang'e shape of the moon goddess Diana, who is very suitable for the Mid-Autumn Festival, as the packaging image. The five mooncakes with different flavors in the box symbolize the five locations of Summoner’s Canyon in the game, representing team spirit and implying reunion.

I don't play games very much, but seeing the promotion of these two game companies for their own customized Mid-Autumn Festival portable paper bag production, I also have some imprints in my mind. In recent months, I have also served some customers about the Mid-Autumn Festival hand-held paper bag making, and some customers who have served before gave us the Mid-Autumn moon cake gift box. Taking the opportunity to promote their own powerful means.

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