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The little mystery in the printing equipment of t-shirt paper bag manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-21

If the products made by the t-shirt paper bag manufacturer are to be very delicate and beautiful, the requirements for each link of printing are relatively strict. For example, yesterday the paper bag manufacturer introduced some small introductions about the shape of the cells in the printing network. , so today, let's learn about some little knowledge of the number of textured lines in the printing outlets of t-shirt paper bag manufacturers, and what impact does this have on the products printed in gift boxes.

In fact, the number of mesh lines mentioned by the t-shirt paper bag manufacturer is actually different from the number of mesh lines. In fact, it is the number of mesh points in the unit length that points along the axis of the anilox roller. It can be said to be the number of this distance. The common unit of measure is not a line, but a line, an inch or a centimeter. The number of these meshes is connected to the quality used for printing. T-shirt paper bag manufacturers It also reminds merchants that this principle is different from the pixels we commonly understand. We know that the more pixels, the clearer and richer the content presented, but the number of texture lines is not this principle, so this pair of t-shirt paper bags is produced and produced. What is the impact of the manufacturer's product?

The manufacturer of t-shirt paper bags tells everyone that the clarity of the factor graphics is actually related to the number of dots rather than the number of reticulated lines. This is the most intuitive way to understand, but the number of reticulated lines affects printing. The quality of the pictures and texts that come out, such as whether the colors presented are completely restored according to the design drawings, and whether they are easy to fade are all determined by the number of reticulated lines, so we can know that the number of reticulated lines has no direct effect on the clarity of the pictures and texts. of interest.

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