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The latest and most complete red wine portable paper bag production and use guide

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-07

u200bThe production of red wine tote paper bags is an excellent equipment for gifts. In addition to the exquisite appearance, there seems to be something hidden in the production of each red wine tote paper bag. If you don’t believe it, you can just open the red wine portable paper bag on hand to make it, and you will find some small tools. Many friends have some doubts about the application of these gadgets. Today I will help you solve your doubts and teach you in minutes. Poke the following to get the latest and most comprehensive guide for making wine portable paper bags.

u200b1. Wine pourer

u200bThe wine is mellow, but sometimes we drop it on other places accidentally, causing a waste of fine wine and fine wine. The pourer provides us with a solution. In the process of pouring red wine, the use of a wine pourer can prevent the wine from leaking or spilling out from the side of the bottle mouth, and it is convenient to control the amount of wine poured.

u200b2. Seahorse knife

u200bHippocampus is a kind of wine corkscrew, because it is portable and easy to use, it is also known as the waiter's friend. Open your red wine box, and there is a foldable knife called a seahorse knife. It is mainly composed of three parts: a serrated knife, a screwdriver and a red wine bottle opening as a fulcrum. When using a seahorse knife to open the wine, first use a serrated knife to cut the cap, then screw the screw drill into the oak cork, and then pull the cork out with the help of the bottle open next to it.

u200b3. Foil cutter

u200bThe foil cutter, as the name suggests, is used to cut the tin foil on the mouth of the wine bottle. The working principle of the foil cutter is similar to that of scissors. It is stuck in the mouth of the bottle and the blades on both sides are used to force the middle to cut off the foil at the mouth of the bottle quickly.

u200b4. Stop drop ring

u200bThe drip stop ring is also known as the wine ring. The outer layer is a circle of stainless steel or coated aluminum. Some of the inner side is flannel wrapped sponge, and some are flannel wrapped with polyester cotton. In fact, in the red wine portable paper bag making gadget, its function is similar to the wine pourer, but compared with the wine pourer, the drip ring is more domineering and high-end. The outer layer is made of metal, and the inner layer is It is a soft rubber substance that prevents the flow of droplets. Before pouring the wine after opening the bottle, put the drip-stop ring on the neck of the bottle. The sponge on the inner side can absorb the red wine drops remaining on the mouth of the bottle during pouring, so as not to stain the wine label or tablecloth.

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