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The key to kraft paper bags is how to use paper?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-06

The material design and selection of the carton are mainly white cardboard, gray cardboard, white cardboard, rice cardboard, glass cardboard, coated paper, kraft cardboard and corrugated paper. The principle is to consider factors such as the shape, size, weight, appearance, grade, printing process and post-press processing selection of cosmetic kraft paper bag design.

Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper, is made by coating a layer of white slurry on the base paper and calendering. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the elasticity is small, and the absorptivity and receiving state of the ink are very good. It is mainly used for printing covers and illustrations of advanced books and periodicals, color pictures, various exquisite commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc. Matte coated paper, which is less reflective than coated paper. The patterns printed with it are not as bright as coated paper, but the patterns are more delicate and higher-grade than coated paper. The printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional sense, so this coated paper can be widely used to print pictorials, advertisements, landscape paintings, exquisite calendars, photographic pictures of people, etc.

2. Cardboard is an ideal material for making gift boxes, because of its good hand feel, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, and reasons for choosing stiffness and surface strength. Various cardboards can be selected according to the requirements of different cartons.

(1) The characteristics of white cardboard are not only high whiteness, but also soft gloss, elegant and noble, good dot transfer during printing, high level and color reproduction, and delicate hand feeling. Use white cardboard in high-end products such as gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, and hang tags.

(2) Glass cardboard is a kind of cardboard produced by vitrifying the surface of white cardboard. The surface gloss of this paper is very high and the hand feel is smooth. Its visual effect is better than that of cardboard and coated paper. The gloss after UV coating is still high, and the products made with this card stock are very bright and eye-catching. Glass cardboard is often used in kraft paper bags for medicines and high-end cosmetics.

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