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The importance of kraft paper bag design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-04

Kraft paper bags are the most common packaging, which will directly affect consumers' evaluation of product sales and product quality. The design of the kraft paper bag has a non-negligible importance to the image of the product packaging company.

The design requirements are concise and easy to understand. The color treatment of kraft paper bags is a crucial factor in the design of kraft paper bags. The overall effect of color should not only attract consumers, but also have a fashionable personality, which can firmly Attract the attention of consumers, and generate different design feelings through the advantages of color design to achieve better results.

Color is the most sensitive factor in visual performance. Color processing occupies a very important position in the packaging design of kraft paper bags. The overall color matching is eye-catching and individual, and can be creatively designed according to color to attract consumers. The eyeball of the color can generate various corresponding feelings through the symbol of color to achieve the expected purpose. In the visual expression of the kraft paper bag design, the resonance of the color is related to the individual, and it must have both connotation and mutual matching. The design must have both A certain uniqueness, but also to express its unique color, only this kind of kraft paper bag design works adhering to this unique design concept can stand out in the competition and occupy the market.

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