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The importance of gift boxes for gifts

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-30

Gifts are one of the most important means of interpersonal communication, and their packaging design is the main indicator of gift quality. As a result, more and more exquisite gift packaging boxes flooded into the market, and the scope of use of gift packaging boxes has also been expanded. They can be used when visiting relatives and friends during festivals. Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD. has many years of experience in gift packaging design and production. Today, I will talk to readers about the current tips for gift packaging.

Material selection is one of the important elements to reflect the grade of gift packaging products. The materials of gift boxes commonly used in our lives mainly include low-quality boxes, wooden boxes, leather boxes, plastic boxes and metal boxes, all of which are suitable for the use of business gift boxes and personal gift boxes. Among them, there are more choices of paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, and leather packaging boxes. Dongguan Heli Packaging will focus on the paper gift packaging box. If you want to reflect the high-grade and precious gifts, it is best to choose thick material and high-strength paper gift boxes. Materials generally fall into two broad categories: corrugated and compressed cardboard. Because gift packaging needs to be printed more beautifully, it is recommended to use ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging with E-corrugation or above, and the thickness should be controlled at 1mm-2mm. And it is suitable for fine printing. In addition, there are micro-corrugated cardboards such as FGH.

The common embossing process in the production of paper gift packaging boxes, the use of modern engraving technology to make up and down matching female and male molds, the sub-concave and convex process of the hot stamping box is completed at one time, and the rise of embossing technology has reduced the number of problems caused by Defective products that are not allowed to be produced by the process. The cold stamping process of gift packaging boxes has low cost, can save a lot of energy, and has high production efficiency. It does not need to be heated and then printed. It is a new and promising new process.

》》》The production process of the gift box

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