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The importance of environmental protection kraft paper bag customization to the environment

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-01

Environmental protection affects our living environment all the time, so kraft paper bag custom manufacturers also actively respond to environmental protection, using environmentally friendly raw materials to make various products kraft paper bags and handbags, which not only look beautiful but also increase the recycling rate.

The balance of the ecological environment needs to be maintained by the public. As a professional kraft paper bag custom manufacturer, not only has a strong awareness of environmental protection, but also starts from oneself, from gift boxes and paper bags. Rational use of packaging materials, adhere to green environmental protection, resist pollution. To have a green living environment, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Packaging reduction

That is, under the condition of satisfying the functions of protecting goods and facilitating sales, the remaining unnecessary materials should be reduced as much as possible.

2. The packaging is easy to reuse and easy to recycle

This is a more practical and feasible step in the development of green packaging at present, and it is an active waste recycling and disposal method. Currently used polyester beverage bottles, milk bottles, glass beer bottles can be reused many times. Those that cannot be reused should be decomposed as much as possible, melted and reshaped.

3. Packaging waste can be degraded and corrupted

Don't let waste become garbage, the world is researching biodegradable plastics to solve the serious environmental problems caused by the current inability of plastics to degrade. The principle of degradation is through the action of microorganisms in soil and water or through the action of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, so that plastics are split, degraded and restored in the natural environment, and finally re-enter the ecological environment in a non-toxic form and return to nature.

4. The packaging material is harmless and non-toxic to human body and organisms

Custom materials for kraft paper bags should not contain isolated elements, heavy metals, or the content should be controlled below the relevant standards.

5. The whole process of packaging products from raw material collection, processing, production, product use, waste recycling, and disposal should not cause pollution to human body and the environment.

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