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The Importance of Customization of Brand Clothing Tote Bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-28
Packaging design plays a pivotal role in the clothing industry, especially for companies that want to enter the brand industry. The customization of clothing paper bags is also changing in style and form. Its design, color and pattern affect the appearance and image of the paper carrier bags. Key factor.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the custom pattern design of the paper bag. The pattern design can make the product more vivid, but some custom printing patterns of the paper bag for clothing are outdated and cumbersome, the commodity is not strong, and it lacks the sense of the times. Tradition is not retro. , let alone copying, and nationality is not represented by drawing a dragon or drawing a phoenix. The image of the paper carrier bags should give new content, new life and new form, integrating a brand positioning and clothing trends every season. Including the design of the logo is also the top priority, which is related to the pattern of the brand.

The second is about the design of color. Color is the most attractive to customers in the custom design of clothing paper bags. If the color is matched properly, it can attract the attention of consumers and can properly impact people's vision. The color of the packaging is also restricted by the attributes of the product, so the color must be used carefully, or fresh and elegant, or gorgeous and moving, or simple and natural, and consumers' customs and appreciation habits must be considered.
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