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The Importance and Precautions of Making Paper Bags for Agricultural Products

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-07

According to the survey, my country's agricultural development prospects are good at this stage, and more and more farmers' cooperatives have developed a strong interest in the new management model of Internet + agriculture. Choose to expand sales channels through the Internet. Because of the emphasis on Internet sales, the following problems have also been found.

Fresh Egg Packaging Box Design First of all, when selling agricultural products through e-commerce platforms, the packaging of the products becomes the first and most intuitive feeling for consumers. It is particularly important to design packaging that is both beautiful and reflects the characteristics of the cooperative's products. For example, at present, most cooperatives in my country do not realize the importance of product packaging. The production of product paper bags is relatively simple and rough. Even if the quality of the product itself is very good, it cannot attract the attention of consumers when it is displayed online, which restricts sales and affects sales. price, did not play a positive role.

Secondly, some cooperatives have recognized the importance of agricultural product packaging, but when choosing a design company to design, because the design company does not have full-time designers in this industry, or the level of designers is low, the 'Administrative Measures for Packaging and Labeling of Agricultural Products' If the requirements are not understood, problems may arise.

For example, Article 10 of the 'Measures for the Administration of Packaging and Labeling of Agricultural Products' stipulates that agricultural product production enterprises, farmers' professional cooperative economic organizations, and units or individuals engaged in the purchase of agricultural products package and sell agricultural products, which shall be marked or additionally marked on the packaging. Name of product, place of origin, name of manufacturer or seller, date of manufacture. If there are grading standards or additives are used, the product quality grade or the name of the additives shall also be indicated. Article 11 stipulates that the characters used in the labeling of agricultural products shall be in standard Chinese. The marked content shall be accurate, clear and conspicuous. Due to the limited professional level of designers, they may accidentally violate relevant national regulations during design.

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