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The impact of high-end packaging gift boxes on customers

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-04

High-end packaging has become the first choice for many brands in today's market. Whether it is high-end luxury goods or ordinary daily chemical products, almost all of them have begun to use exclusive customized packaging boxes to attract the attention of potential users. Packaging a gift box can have a huge impact on potential customers, and when you're designing a box, you need to make sure it becomes a brand identity factor. You can incorporate any element of the modern market in your packaging, but at the same time you need to maintain your brand personality. Successful brands are able to seamlessly incorporate classic designs into modern packaging, securing loyal customers while attracting the attention of potential customers.

Color is a major component to consider in branding. Studies have shown that 90% of people make judgments about products based on the color of the packaging. In addition, the customer's purchase decision also largely depends on the color of the packaging box.

When considering the color matching of packaging boxes, we must first consider whether it is suitable for your brand, and secondly, we also need to understand what emotions different color combinations can convey and whether they can attract the senses of target customers.

Although color is very important, maintaining the consistency of brand elements is also the top priority. When the design elements of the brand are constantly familiar to customers, then this element has become a part of your brand in the eyes of customers. Similarly, when customers see this element in the box, they will also associate with your brand for the first time. So whether these elements are used in the box, store or website, we should make them consistent.

In this era of constant pursuit of creativity and fashion, there are more and more similar products in the market, and purely high-performance products are no longer enough to arouse users' desire to buy. Many merchants have set their sights on high-end packaging gift boxes, and provide customers with a good unpacking experience to increase the user's purchase rate and repurchase rate. For example, a gift box with a novel appearance can visually attract customers' attention and increase customers' desire to share. The novel way of opening can improve the sense of ceremony that brings customers a full sense of ritual, thereby increasing their goodwill towards the brand.

Never underestimate the influence of high-end packaging gift boxes on potential customers. Packaging boxes are also one of the ways to build brand awareness and customer trust. When potential customers can recognize your brand through the box, then your marketing strategy has already won half the battle.

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