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The hot stamping process in the customization of the paper bag

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-23
In addition to direct printing, some special printing processes can also be used in the process of customizing the paper bag, such as bronzing, UV, bump and so on. The effects of these special processes vary. It can meet the special effects of some paper bag making requirements. Today, let's talk about the bronzing process, which is one of the more commonly used.

Hot stamping refers to the hot stamping of anodized aluminum. His principle is to stick the prepared printing plate on a printing plate table equipped with an electric hot plate. The base material of bronzing is anodized aluminum foil, and bronzing is not only pure gold, but also other colored golds.

The hot stamping treatment is generally the LOGO and some important information on the paper bag. After processing, the hot stamping of the paper bag will be brighter and more gorgeous. It's like putting a layer of gold foil on a paper bag. It is a good choice for some high-end gift paper bag customization, clothing paper bag customization, or celebration business paper bag customization.

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