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The gift box factory explains the different reasons for the customized quotation of the packaging box

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-14

The overall cost of each box varies. I believe that each company will be very cautious when making boxes. Generally, customers will find several packaging box manufacturers to consult the price before making a judgment. There will definitely be differences in the price comparison. Many manufacturers will also offer prices without conscience. Today, the gift box factory will explain to you the different reasons for the customized quotation of packaging boxes.

Let Longyuanchang Packaging tell you about the reasons for different quotations. The price of customized packaging boxes is determined by factors such as material, craft, box type and so on. The main reason why most manufacturers offer different quotations is determined by these three points. Generally, customers give a box type and approximate size and then ask for the price. Each company's quotation staff can only make quotations based on their own judgments. Most of the differences in prices are that the paper used for each quotation is different.

Some of them are because of the different craftsmanship judged by each company. For example, some boxes with grains may be special paper with grains, and some are embossed from ordinary paper. These two prices are also different. There may also be a difference in the judgment of the box type. For example, the heaven and earth box is a heaven and earth box with an inner wall, and the other is a heaven and earth box without an inner wall. The price difference between the two box types is very large.

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The above is the detailed introduction of Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD. (www.good-package.com). The price of each company is different for a certain reason. If the material and craftsmanship are similar, the price is very different. , it may be that someone has quoted the wrong price. I hope my introduction is helpful to you.

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