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The form of the [packaging box] used for inner packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-26
As we all know, the packaging box is a kind of packaging material, which is mainly used for packaging products, and is often used for inner packaging. Generally, it has the following forms:
1. Color box: divided into corrugated color box and non-corrugated color box.
2. Ordinary brown corrugated box: 3-layer corrugated box and 5-layer corrugated box are commonly used. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with tape.
3. White box: It can be divided into corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box and non-corrugated white box. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with tape; acrylic packaging box
4. Display box: There are many types, mainly color display box, display box with PVC cover, etc. Through this packaging, you can see the products in the box intuitively.
5. Gift box: It is mostly used for the packaging of jewelry, stationery and other products, and there are many types.
In summary, the packaging boxes produced by our company can be used for the inner packaging of products, so they have a variety of different forms. If this product needs to be processed and customized, you can contact our Hangzhou packaging box manufacturer.
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