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The embodiment of the cultural connotation of the packaging box, the packaging box, the moon cake box wholesale, the boutique handbag

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-02

The value of a product is not only in the product itself, but also in its added value, including the brand. One of the most important manifestations is the packaging box. Novel and beautiful packaging boxes that cater to consumers' psychology can increase the value of products, thereby increasing the added value of products. Focusing on value is a smart choice, choosing value-added packaging boxes, producing value-added products, and facing value-added markets. Beautiful packaging has aroused the interest of consumers and changed the desire to purchase into purchase behavior. It strives to transform the relationship between people and packaging boxes into a relationship similar to that between people that can communicate with each other. It is artificial and meets people's general physical and psychological needs. The humanized packaging box design is reflected in various aspects such as the shape structure, visual image, cultural connotation and ergonomics of the packaging box.

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